People Are Not Created Equal

November 15th, 2012

You are going to witness the end of the American Empire. This is our Pax Romana! Welcome to Mexico. Let me tell you all about my experience living in Mexico. No one in the press or otherwise has brought this to anyone’s attention. When I lived in Mexico the people did not really want Americans there. However, if we lived there we were condescending and took in the help and over paid them with our american dollars. It is like having a “mexican pet”. American dollars in Mexico devalued the peso and ruined the economy. I used to hate when a tourist would tip a employee $100.00 when they only earned $10.0 a day. Reverse that, Americans hate when they make $20.00 an hour and a latin worker accepts $3.00 an hour. These economics just don’t jive! I did not appreciate the Gringos coming to Mexico and dumping their dollars to coddle workers and feel sorry for people when the economy was working perfectly.

Now, we have a flood of latin Americans and Mexicans fleeing a country that is a dictatorship to chase the American dream. They have emigrated here with their values ($10.00 a day wage) and are working for illegal Mexican bosses and Americans with no integrity or scruples. We used to have manufacturing in this country. Now we have a co-dependent relationship with China and we have become so weak that we outsource all jobs to protect a dollar that has no value.

Now, the Latin people in my opinion are the hardest working people I have ever met. I appreciate their heart and their need, but they have diluted this economy and because we have liberty, rights and freedom our economy is compromised and we are living in world that is dying and won’t be anymore. If we don’t have a commander in chief  that can stabilize the borders and set some boundaries with the weak congressmen and senators that are writing the laws in this country then the United States of America has let down our founding fathers.


August 1st, 2012

Another tragic shooting massacre in the U.S. Will it ever stop? As long as there are crazy people on this planet, I seriously doubt it.  Now, I am all about the second Amendment ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

If someone in the movie theater that day had a concealed weapons license and was carrying a gun, maybe lives would have been saved; instead, this derelict gets his due process of law.

This incident wants me to have a loaded gun more than ever, however I don’t believe people should have access to gas operated magazine fed assault semi-automatic weapons. One should be able to buy a lever action single shot hunting rifle.

Would gun control have stopped this horrific incident? I think not. Nut jobs like James Holmes find a way to carry out their delusions. So what is the solution? I say, take care, bear arms and use common sense.

2012 New Hampshire Primary

January 11th, 2012

Wow time flies! Here we are again in another election year! It is much too early for me to make a decision. The race is a real circus and I love to watch and listen to the banter.  So Mitch Romney is the frontrunner for the Republican party for the time being.  My man, Ron Paul is in 2nd place and I would love for him to initiate a third party and grab all of us independent voters!

The Republican’s large audience are the evangelist Christians.  I start yawning when I hear Romney and Santorum bragging about family values and how that is some kind of magic ingredient for running the country. Most of these guys are just bags of wind that have no data or process to back up their statements of grandeur for America. Listening to Governor Perry is like reading a boring book when you forget what you just read the paragraph before. It looks like he is out anyway. Santorum is another blowhard and has already alienated the gay audience. The politicians are so busy appealing to the conservatives with their traditional ideas on marriage and they throw away the practical matter at hand that gay marriage also brings revenue to communities.

Jon Huntsman is almost as good looking as Romney and appears to have good speaking ability. His platform is based on building “TRUST” in the American people and he makes a special effort to take the high road and not vilify the other candidates. It will be interesting to see future primaries and how Huntsman handles himself under pressure.

Newt Gingrich is an old, salty dog! Smart as a whip, experienced in government and leadership (which this country desperately needs). He seems to be no nonsense and  has sensible ideas on energy to make the U.S.A. independent. I like the fact that he is making Romney get honest about clouding the facts in his ad campaign.  Speaker Gingrich has a history of  too many wives, so this may be another candidate that cannot win enough votes.

Mitch Romney voices many ideas and has the means to promote himself in a large way. He voices giving power to individual states, getting rid of unions, using our natural gas resources, gay rights but not gay marriage, promotion of private businesses and limiting the bureaucracy by limiting public servants benefits and/or pay. He opened up a can of worms stating that he has created jobs, when they seem to be minimum wage jobs at Staples or Sports Authority type positions that could never be a job that supported a family. The problem with this candidate is possibly the silver spoon in his mouth.

Dr. Ron Paul is by far the most intelligent candidate with at least answers to questions. He is promoting Liberty to the people! Liberty to property rights, contracts and for people to have the right to the fruits of their labor. He is advocating auditing the federal reserve to keep them from bailing out their friends and printing more money which devalues the dollar. Ron Paul may be too smart for the average voter and he isn’t a war monger. He doesn’t believe in America occupying every other country, but further debates will show how he plans to handle terrorism in the world.

Please send your ideas and comments!


November 15th, 2011

Denial ain’t a river in Egypt folks; and it rears it’s ugly head in pedofilia cases such as the one involving Jerry Sandusky at Penn State.  What made Penn State such a great school in the first place? Coach Joe Paterno no doubt is one of the greatest coaches that ever lived. “Joe cared about not only his players, but the fans; everyone knew where he stood and that he was morally sound.  He would kick a player off the team for something as simple as not going to class.” Joe recognized the group as a team. The jerseys did not have names or numbers, they all worked together.  Joe Paterno’s performance as a coach was so extraordinary that it has become his demise. He was larger than life and nobody wanted to give up the winning cup they received year after year.  Is it Joe’s fault, Johnnie Ritchie’s fault?  Joe is an old man now. His mental faculties are compromised; nevertheless,  whatever rationale or excuses people want to defend in the situation, responsiblilty must be taken.  Pedofilia is criminal behavior and sadly, all involved are guilty by association and by not coming forward they become part of the evil web.  What a tragic and sad ending for such a great man.


November 10th, 2011

My favorite marine and best friend , Guido have a tradition that we celebrate the Marine Corp Birthday every year! This year we are going to Boston’s on the beach. Look for some photos on the website. This year is the 236th birthday of America’s elite fighting force; the few, the proud, the cute and the adorable. I too have an eagle, globe and an anchor that Guido so kindly gave me a few years ago. Semper Fi Marines!

Death to Paul Merhige

October 29th, 2011

I was trying to get your attention with that title.  I believe in forgiveness most of the time but the death penalty in some cases. State Attorney Michael McAuliffe is clearly a politician with an agenda to get re-elected with this verdict of 7 life sentences for Paul Merhige.  Mr. Merhige brutally attacked and killed 3 relatives on Thanksgiving; one of the victims was a 6 year old girl. State Attorney McAuliffe says that he will go away and be forgotten. That is the problem with the prison system sir! People forget that it costs taxpayers about $80.00 per day per prisoner in the state of Florida. Whether Mr. Merhige is insane or just a blood thirsty killer, does he deserve to live after these heinous acts?  Well, I won’t forget, and I won’t vote for Mr. McAuliffe in the next election. I encourage all Floridians to voice the outrage about this travesty in our justice system.

PNC Mortgage BAD Example

November 19th, 2010

The cost of living seems to be coming down and bit and it is a perfect time to buy property or refinance. I have a fixed loan on my home at 6 1/2%. with PNC Mortgage. I have never had a late payment in my life and as a matter of fact, I pay towards the principal on my loan every month. My Beacon score is 820 and the only debt I have is to PNC Mortgage for my house.

I went to the loan officer this week to get approval on a refinance. Surprise! I was denied because my business lost money last year. I suppose the American thing to do would be to default on my loan so the bank would come begging me for a deal.

The days of being forthright and honest are gone with the wind. The lenders created this mess we are in and their decline is imminent with the narrow mentality they present. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bank president that could think outside of the box?

November Elections

October 8th, 2010

I’m so excited about the upcoming elections! NOT!!! The public is inundated with smear tactics of one politician against the other. Talk about negativity! Maybe you will see a statement or comment about how someone plans to eliminate government controlling health care, but not one person has any kind of solution. It is a pathetic state of affairs. I really want to believe that there is a politician with some fiber of authenticity that would launch new programs to stimulate jobs in this country. The machine is out of control and the banks are so powerful that maybe even another scandal is about to unfold…do they even hold the notes on all the foreclosed properties in this country? The politicians in this upcoming election look like a bunch of blabbering, talking heads with no forum of substance. If one candidate would try to forget his or her running mates and say something of meaning and hope to the American public, they would get my vote.

BP Oil Spill

June 7th, 2010

This subject is almost too depressing to comment on. Drilling oil is a clean business. It becomes dirty when companies like British Petroleum are slack in their policies and procedures. Look at the mess they have made! The men that lost their lives in the inferno of this crisis were almost overlooked.

I say first things first people. All you folks that are shaking fingers and disgusted at the catastrophe need to take a long look in the mirror the next time you go hop in your gas guzzling SUV.

Conservation and cleanup starts at home. Every individual can make a change in the right direction and start conserving energy today. Maybe one day we will see the use of natural gas reserves in this country.

Obama seems to be an articulate puppet just saying what he needs to say. I can’t see that he is an effective leader at all. He is kind of a shell of a man. Yawn! Just another politician.

The oil companies employ many people and I am all for their existence and work that they do. I hope that BP will step up and invest their billions in cleaning up their disastrous mistake. I personally am boycotting BP gas. Why in the hell haven’t these companies drilled second wells in case of a rare but very real oil spill such as this?

Arizona’s Immigration Law

May 1st, 2010

We or our ancestors are all immigrants. America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Honestly, I believe we are not a democracy at all anymore. We are swiftly becoming as corrupt as any third world country. We are broke, unemployed and don’t have much to offer the hopeful immigrant.
There isn’t a country in the world that will accept illegal people into their system. I lived in Mexico for three years and I can tell you that Mexicans don’t want Americans taking their jobs and absolutely won’t tolerate them in business. Only the very wealthy survive in foreign countries.
The law that Arizona passed is an extreme measure for an ever growing crisis in this country. All states need to have centers for illegal immigrants coming in to get the citizenship by due process of law. Why would anybody want to come to a country illegally where one has to hide and has no rights? It is against the law and creates more hardship on an already broken system. Your comments are encouraged.